About Us

About New Skill New Life

New Skill New Life (NSNL) is an innovative new Queensland based business set up to help improve outcomes primarily for men and women over 45.

Why and how we exist

Core Values


To Provide a destination for people over the age of 45 to find resources, training, and ideas to forge and new career or lifestyle.

Own you

Embrace the privilege that responsibilities provide to do deep work that delivers meaningful results and makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Share without ego

We offer the complete picture of our experiences—to ourselves and to our audience—to enable authentic learning that promotes our values without compromise.

Embrace change

Be curious. Learn from failure and admit mistakes. Question assumptions and explore opportunities. Reduce chaos. Promote sustainability. And find as much joy in the work as in the success.

Take Care

We strive to care for our team and our community through being considerate of the needs, goals, and boundaries of all, weaving empathy and service into every action and intention.

Have Fun.........