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New Skill New Life (NSNL) is an innovative new Queensland based business set up to help improve outcomes primarily for men and women over 45.

“When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”


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Never thought you could become a better you, sell yourself like never before, take your thinking to a new level, it is possible by looking at the world a different way.

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You have been in business a while now and change is happening rapidly around you, however, you think you cant keep up with today's world? Rest assured that you can.


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Each week we look at something new from all the areas that affect your day to day life. We look at what is happening in the small business world, we also give insights into being the best version of yourself.

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Something to keep you thinking along the way

Peter George

5 Signs Of Depression

5 Signs of Depression as the saying goes if you don’t know you don’t know, that is a lot of the trouble with men identifying that they have depression or symptoms of depression.

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Mental Health
Peter George

One Mans Words Exposed

One Mans Words is what I received from a person that I have met and he found the power to pen his message and share it with me. His words are too common these days and as I move forward with Out of the Cave I hope these types of post inspire to act by writing down their frustrations and sharing as this gentleman has done.

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