Welcome To The Peter George Show -000


Peter George Show – 000 – The Intro


Hi and welcome to this, the little information, episode of the Peter George show where we look at things that influence your life, whether it’s through news, politics, sport, business, just life in general.

It’s got to be as necessary but at least a one show a week where we have a look at things that are going on and the things that I enjoy talking about and those things are the three sports that I love, which is AFL, darts and cricket as well as politics and wine and beer and food business.

The show is focused on anyone over the age of 45 to reinvent themselves.

The other passion that I have, Out Of The Cave, which is all about men’s mental health.

So the show is The Peter George show. You can find as a newskillnewlife.com.au we are on all the social platforms and just search newskillnewlife. So thanks for taking the time to listen to this episode. Don’t forget to jump across to the website where you can subscribe and get all the latest info, lessons and posts.

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